Baseball Infield Groomer

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Baseball Infield Groomer

In a baseball game, the field and its conditions play a fundamental role. It is not a matter of pure aesthetics, but the terrain must meet specific requirements for the ball game to develop correctly, and above all, safe for the players.

It is true that the grass occupies most of the land. However, it is in the non-grass areas, especially the infield, where the majority of the action takes place. That is why you should pay particular attention to this area. In that sense, it is essential to understand what are the primary factors that must be covered to maintain that area at an optimum level.

Make a Maintenance Plan

Maintaining the land requires different tasks, and it is advisable to keep them organized. Schedule the activities with a calendar so that you can do them all. Always keep in mind those tasks that are daily. The others distribute them so that the schedule is balanced and there are no days with excessive duties.

Also, keep a record of the carried out activities. In this way, you will make a check that ensures you have completed all the maintenance. These compliance reports will also serve to measure the performance of tasks, to adjust and improve. In addition to the record of functions, it is advisable to have a tools registry.

Pay attention to the Holes

The handling of these irregularities is critical since they represent a risk for the players. Also, holes can cause strange movements in the trajectory of the ball. It is not merely a matter of filling them with dry material, because they will reopen in a short time.

To cover it, first clean as much as possible the hole, make it free of dust. Then, make a mixture of clay with water, and fill the space with it. Finally, Use a hand tamper to compact.

The Raking

With an adequate raking, the surface to run the bases will be uniform and smooth. According to the MLB maintenance manual, you should have a couple of the following tools for this:

  • Smoothing rake: allows giving uniformity to the clay
  • Garden rake: to remove dry areas and mix materials
  • Fan-type rake: to clean the grass of mud and dirt.

For the center of the infield, you can use a mechanical implement pulled by a motor vehicle, such as the baseball infield groomer that Handozer has available for you. These graders will allow you to obtain a smooth and uniform surface in no time.

This tool is versatile, and with a small gardening tractor, it will do an excellent job. Then carefully finish the edges with the manual implements. Remember to remove the remains of clay from the lawn, to avoid damaging it. Remember that all this treatment must be done with moist soil.

Always Count on the Experts

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