Calgary Sod Installation

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Calgary Sod Installation

As landscaping and lawn experts, Yard Busters happily answers questions related to sod installation landscaping. Installing sod at your residence is an investment that improves your home's curb appeal and general value. Nevertheless, you might consider reviewing any relevant information you stumble upon to guarantee an educated decision. Yard Busters is readily available to offer assistance any time of the year.Also look for local companies like RGR Ababatements Calgary

Common Questions Related to the Leading Calgary Sod Installation Service Provider

Yard Busters employs certified landscaping professionals who take considerable pride in their work. If you can't find the answers you seek here, you are free to contact our customer service team for support.

When do you lay sod in Calgary?

Spring is the best time for sod installation in Calgary because the soil is soft and versatile. Calgary has notoriously cold winters that aren't optimal for sod installation. Our technicians use professional-grade tillers to stimulate oxygen pockets within the soil if it is in viable condition.

If your yard has less than forty percent grass coverage, it is likely time to call for sod installation services from our team at Yard Busters. By avoiding installing new sod, you will ultimately face more complicated and expensive issues.

How much does sod cost in Calgary?

The cost of sod in Calgary depends on the type of sod used and the installation area's size. Kentucky Bluegrass sod comes with positive reviews because it maintains color during Calgary's wet season.

What does it cost to have sod installed in Calgary?

Multiple factors determine the price of sod installation in Calgary, such as the process of removing previously laid sod. You also have to consider the costs of potential landscaping adjustments to maintain your new sod's integrity, like tree removal or trimming. At Yard Busters, we base our pricing charts on standard unit sizes in Calgary. Our work's superiority and undeniable craftsmanship come at competitive prices that are hard to beat.

Is it necessary to roll sod after installation?

You do not necessarily have to roll sod after installation, but a roller can stimulate sufficient growth and root connections. Rolling sod after application removes air pockets and guarantees the sod's roots take well to the soil. At Yard Busters, rolling sod after installation is the standard operating procedure followed by our trained installers. While rolling isn't required, our technicians do not rest until the job is perfect.

Does sod installation need aftercare?

Yes, newly installed sod needs aftercare and attention. It isn't wise to mow your lawn until three weeks after the initial installation date. If you plan to cut new sod yourself, our experts recommend using the highest mower setting. Each time you mow, you can slowly lower the mower settings to your ideal height, but you also must adhere to Calgary's grass length and water usage rules.

Do I have to rake sod clippings?

Yes, you must remove sod clippings to prevent mold and mildew from ruining your new yard. If you are ready to start services with the best lawn and landscaping company in Calgary, please call 403-265-4769.

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