Tree Service Grass Valley Ca

For the best tree service in Grass Valley, CA, you should reach out to the experts at Lyon’s Tree Service. From tree pruning to tree removal services, there isn’t anything we aren’t capable of. Twenty four hour emergency services are available to those who need them.

A tree falling on your home or car is an event that qualifies as an emergency. You can’t wait around with a tree in your living room for a business to open up. Our team of professionals at Lyon’s Tree Service is always on call for dispatch to any location.

Stump grinding and removal services are important because they can prevent bugs and pests from creating a home. An old tree stump is a perfect place for annoying bugs to create a nest. By grinding down the stump, or removing it completely, you greatly reduce your chances of experiencing a bug infestation.

Specialized Qualifications

At Lyon’s Tree Service, we have special qualifications that allow us to stand out as stellar service providers. Mike Lyon, who is the owner of the company, is a Certified Arborist by the International Society of Arboriculture. Using specialized techniques and tools, our team of experts can remove a tree and its stump without leaving behind any evidence.

Removing dead trees from your property is a smart way to prevent limbs or branches from falling on structures. Taking steps to prevent dangerous events before they take place can provide multiple benefits to all types of property owners. Trimming your trees on a routine schedule can allow them to flourish, thrive, and grow. You would be surprised by how far a little tender care can go.

Actively Seeking More Information

At Lyon’s Tree Service, we are constantly seeking more education and information about tree removal techniques and strategies. Our technicians use up to date tools to help make each tree removal project run smoothly and efficiently. With full insurance and liability coverage, you can rest easy in the hands of our knowledgeable experts.

We are known for completing projects on time and on budget, no matter the circumstances. Each member of our team will treat you and your property with the highest level of respect. Providing a personalized customer experience is one of our main goals at Lyon’s Tree Service. Each service on our menu offers its own unique list of perks and benefits. Plus, we offer rock bottom rates for our stellar services.

Removing Hazardous Trees

Dead trees are extremely hazardous and require immediate attention. Be vigilant about seeking tree services to ensure the health of the trees on your property. Healthy trees can provide shade and add beauty to a property. Taking preventative measures, such as scheduling trimming services, can be the best move to make for the health of your trees.

Trees that are pruned and trimmed tend to grow faster and produce more than trees without routine care. Reach out to our team today to learn more details about how our services can benefit your property. We look forward to working with you!

Tree Service Grass Valley Ca
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Tree Service Grass Valley Ca
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