Vertical Gardens Orange County

Vertical Gardens Orange County

Vertical gardens are increasingly growing in demand. Vertical gardens help maximize limited space, enhance your space's appearance, and reduce the environmental effects of the urban environment. It is common to find vertical gardens in public areas, commercial establishments, and residential areas. The most common types of vertical garden systems in Orange County include living or green walls, green facades, and freestanding vertical gardening systems.

Living Walls   

Living walls or green walls comprise upright structures with plants attached to them. The walls have an inbuilt irrigation system to water the plants. You can regrow plants in a green wall because the growth is in the wall's structure. Living walls bring life to your humble residence and office space. They are healthy and help minimize noise and excessive heat within a home or office. Small pockets of living walls are ideal if you are starting. The best living walls in Orange County are easy to install or grow.

Green Facades

It is a type of vertical garden system characterized by growing plants upwards. The plants are grown in pots or garden beds with trellises as support structures. However, green facades are usually supported by buildings, fences, or walls, including lattice and wireframes. Green façade support structures are commonly made from timber, plastic, or metal. Trellises come in different sizes and contours.

Freestanding Vertical Garden Systems        

Freestanding vertical gardens are more like pergolas. They are lasting garden systems supported by either metal or wood. They could be multifunctional tree structures that provide shade and esthetic value. Homeowners may dangle hanging baskets from the horizontal shafts.

Freestanding vertical garden systems are excellent options for rental apartments or homes. If you are looking for vertical garden design and installation services, we have a team ready for you. Imagine growing food in your vertical garden; how cool is that? However, it would help if you chose a competent installer for your dream of owning a vertical garden to become a reality.

Why Choose Us for Your Vertical Garden Installation

Do you want the best solution for your vertical garden? Well, our team has years of experience in living wall installation. We can provide the perfect vertical garden solution to match your preferences. Our living installers in Orange County are always a call away to deliver the highest level of quality and excellent service.

Our company delivers a wide range of vertical garden panels in Orange County. We provide expert solutions for home and office environments. Our expert staff will provide guidance from the layout to installation to help you achieve your gardening goals. With hundreds of qualified employees, we are committed to providing healthy and efficient landscaping solutions with outstanding leadership and core values that help us serve you better.

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Vertical Gardens Orange County