Water Damage Cleanup Marietta

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Water Damage Cleanup Marietta

Water can be extremely destructive in your home or business. When a flood happens, water damage occurs very quickly. Even a few inches of water can wreak havoc on your furniture and building. It is essential to seek professional water damage cleanup in Marietta as soon as possible after the flood. Water not only hurts your belongings, but it can also cause mold to develop after the water recedes. At Zen Dry Restoration, we provide commercial flood cleanup services in Marietta, GA.

What Should We Do After A Flood?

Whether you suffer water damage due to a broken pipe or a natural disaster such as a flood, the result is the same. There are some steps to take immediately after a flood. Make sure that you are safe and do not enter the water unless the power is turned off. After a flood, take photos of the damage so you can give them to your insurance provider. As the water recedes, you can begin to remove furniture and other belongings. Find a dry, safe location where you can evaluate the damage to your items after you remove them. You will want to call in an expert for water damage cleanup in Marietta as quickly as possible.

Mitigate Your Damages

If it is safe to do so, you can begin to remove some of your items from the rooms. Some furniture may be salvageable while you must discard others. Determine how and where the water was entering your building. If the flood is due to a broken pipe, you will need to turn off the water at the main entry to stop the flow. Mold will begin to grow, especially in damp and warm areas. Remove soaked carpeting if you can’t save it. This will allow the floor to dry more quickly. Open the windows and doors to allow better airflow. A company that specializes in commercial water damage and flood damage in Marietta, GA, has the equipment to remove excess water from the floors efficiently. Large fans will circulate the air to promote faster drying.

Call a Professional

Water damage can be challenging to resolve. There are several steps involved in the process. Contact an expert with experience in water damage cleanup in Marietta. A certified technician will inspect the areas that have water damage. If the water is still flowing, the specialist will stop it quickly. Then, he will evaluate the situation and determine the steps to take for remediation. Remediation may include a variety of measures, such as removing and replacing damaged elements and removing mold. The goal is to restore your property to the condition it was in before the water damage occurred.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

At Zen Dry Restoration, we provide expert water damage cleanup in Marietta. We have a team of professionals with experience and training working on all types of water remediation services.  As one of the leading commercial flood cleanup services in Marietta, GA, we provide excellent customer service. We know how to resolve water damage and keep your losses to a minimum. Contact Zen Dry Restoration for a free inspection and or quotation: 678-468-3435.

Water Damage Cleanup Marietta
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