Paver Patio Installation Virginia Beach Va

Paver Patio Installation Virginia Beach Va

Why Homeowners Now Consider Paver Patio Installation In Virginia Beach, VA

Wondering what the best material for patio should be? Well, for several reasons, you should go for paver patio installation in Virginia Beach, VA. Paver patio has some superior advantages over flat slabs of concrete. Here are the reasons to consider paver patio installation in Virginia Beach, VA.

It is customizable

Concrete patio will always be concrete patio. Whereas paver patio offers a wide range of designs, patterns, colors, sizes, and even shapes. If your paver patio installation is handled by an expert in Virginia Beach, VA, your patio will give your house and its surrounding a huge facelift.

Due to the wide ranges of shapes, patterns, and combinations, the paver on everyone’s patio could be entirely unique. You can’t get that with concrete slabs.

Ease of maintenance

Since it is a combination of stones, if any of the stones cracks or breaks, you only need to remove the cracked paver stone and replace it with another one without making a mess of the whole paver. This is not easy with a concrete slab. Without a crack, paver patio do not require any maintenance.


When there is pressure, the small pieces of pavers will give only way while concrete slabs may crack. Even in the course of ground shift, pavers will only give way. The best part is that when they give way, it won’t be conspicuous. You won’t even notice it.

They can withstand every harsh weather condition without any awning or patio cover. Pavers can also withstand heavy traffic. Paver stones are slip resistant so it is not likely that anyone will slip and fall on your patio. This is very important if you have kids or toddlers around.

According to some paver specialists, a paver surface can withstand four times more weight than concrete surface and this is why paver is more durable than concrete. In fact, a paver patio can last up to 50 years on the average. Some paver patios even last longer.


Installation of paver patios takes less time, less work, and less preparation than concrete patio. In addition, paver materials are also cheaper than concrete materials. Most importantly, paver patios last twice longer than concrete patios.

Style and aesthetics

Paver patios offer a combination of style and aesthetics. Since paver stones come in different sizes and shapes, contractors with a high level of creativity and innovation can arrange set pieces that are not only beautiful, but also stylish and as such, the value of your home will be boosted.

It is also important to bear in mind that the quality of your paver patio depends on your choice of paver patio installation contractor. Consider a contractor with fully equipped fleet of vehicles. It is also important to go for a contractor who can begin work the day you order the service.

Most importantly, you should consider a paver patio contractor who has been offering the service for years. Experience matters in the service. Installation of a paver patio sure costs a huge sum of money and you don’t want to be part of someone’s learning curve. Finally, you are better off with a licensed, bonded, and fully insured contractor.

Paver Patio Installation Virginia Beach Va

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